Thursday, February 24, 2011

Time Flies

It's so hard to believe that Chevy is 6 1/2 years old and I'm just now scrappin his baby pictures. Last week I got several pages accomplished with 2 double layouts being these baby photos of Chevy. I sure miss those days when he was small but I sure love spending time with him as the young lil man he is now. I've been blessed with 3 great kids that I truely love!

The Story behind the Uniform

After graduating Hign School my youngest brother David enlisted in the Marine Corps. His first summer out of High School he spent at boot camp. That year after Christmas Mike and I found out we were expecting again (total shock). After David finished up boot camp he soon found out he was going to Iraq. He went shopping for an outfit (military related) his nephew could come home in because he wasn't going to be around when he was born. It only took a lil over 3 years for Chevy to fit into it. Chevy was always proud to wear the uniform his Uncle David bought him.

Halloween 2008

 I don't figure I will ever be current. I've been scraping for a lil over 6 years now and I have so many pictures still waiting to make it in an album. I do not scrap in any order, I'm normally all over the place. I scrap what sparks my interest at the time. Last week I scrapped these Halloween Layouts from the pictures I took at the church festival in '08.

And of course Chevy being the baby had the most pictures to scrap. I wasn't sure we were going to do Halloween that year, we were just moving into a new place and had barely started unpacking. Sure glad we did, the kids had so much fun.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Love of my life.......

With Valentine's Day coming up, I decided to put some of what I've been learning about digital scrapbooking to use. This year Mike is getting a hybrid mini album with 10 different pictures of us from our trip to Vegas this past July. Today he hinted around that I was going to be giving him a crash course on scrapbooking. He said that he needs to be a professional scrapbooker before Valentine's Day. The idea of him scrapbooking something for me, melts my heart. I sure do love him! <3 CLE

Everyone in life...

Everyone in life needs a purpose....... Now that I'm no longer part of the working society, I'm not quite sure what my purpose in life is. Don't get me wrong taking care of Mike, the boys, and our home is a full time job but I don't get the same satisfaction as I once did working. I've also found myself with more free time than I know what to do with some days. So I've decided that maybe keeping a blog of my Passion for Scrappin' and ordinary things in life, might give me a little less free time as well as a purpose. <3 CLE