Monday, July 18, 2011

You're gone...

You’re gone.
It is so difficult to believe…
The memories – still alive and well,
Make my heart, with sadness, heave.

My grief belittles these words I speak,
Makes them sound so very hollow;
The emptiness that resides within me –
The greatest proof of my true sorrow.

The memories of those times we spent
Together – in joyous harmony
The arguments, the gloom – we shared it all
Hand in hand, we fought troubles many.

I realize that you’ll never speak again
To me – in that voice so full of concern,
Nor will you provide me with security
From dangers I was unable to discern.

I know not how to shed tears of grief
Yet know not, either, how to refrain;
For while I know that you’re here no more,
In my heart, you’ll always, forever, remain.


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